Tip Tuesday: Skip the Grocery Store and hit the Market!

Summer is in full swing!  And do you know what that means?  Farmer's Markets and Roadside stands....no more shopping for pathetic produce from another continent.

I'm a big supporter of local food and organic is even better.  There's no comparing the taste of a fresh picked veggie from a roadside stand to something that travelled hundreds or thousands of kilometres on a truck or boat.  I hardly visit a grocery store these days.  I love grabbing veggies from a stand and having my kiddos pick out their favourite zucchini or cucumber.  There is something fulfilling about purchasing that quart of mismatched new potatoes or the curly foot long cucumber or funky looking squash.

As part of our belief in supporting local and organic, our family is part of a CSA group for produce.  What's a CSA you ask???  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.   Essentially, you buy a 'share' in a farm and you receive a portion of what that farm produces. Pretty awesome!   We pick up our CSA box every Saturday at the Farmer's Market and it's like Christmas each week.  We never know what's going to be in the box so it's always a blast opening it up to check our our bounty.

So skip the grocery store, hit a Farmer's Market or Roadside stand this summer and taste the amazing food these farmers have cultivated.  You won't be disappointed and your body with thank you!

Supporting my local farmers,


PS.  Want to learn more about CSA programs.  Visit the Ontario CSA Farm Directory to find one in your area!

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