A Day in the Life - My Tomboy Roots

So as you know, I'm a mom, a wife and a thirty-something girl just trying to get by in Suburbia while embracing my hippie tendencies.  But where did it all start you ask??  Well, growing up I was a Tomboy.  I guess I didn't really have much choice as the middle child and the only girl my days were spent playing with my brothers.  It was all dirt and worms and wrestling.  Yes, there was the odd Barbie time with some of the girls from school, but I felt much more at peace catching frogs and playing imaginary games in the woods. 

I can't say that having brothers turned me into a slightly hippie housewife, but I can say they definitely made me fearless of dirt and all gross boy things.  I would have to say that my parents were also crucial in the development of my love for the outdoors and simpler things.  We never went on fancy holidays and my folks were always frugal - and still are. Our summer vacations would usually involve a couple weeks camping in Northern Ontario.  Canvas tents, a station wagon and 3 kids in the back arguing for a 12 hour car ride.  As much as I loathed being trapped in the car with 2 smelly boys, in hindsight I really appreciate those memories and experiences.  I found a love of hiking and fishing and mother nature on those trips that has stayed with me over the years.

By looking at me you probably would never guess that I can catch and clean my own fish and that's OK.  There are times when I'm in full on girlie-mode with heels and makeup and a manicure, but trust me; underneath I'm just a tomboy longing to play in the dirt. I think by coming to terms with my tomboy upbringing and my inner hippie I can be at peace with myself.

Be who you are for you - not for anyone else.

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