Dragonfly Farmstore - a little preview

Going to pick out our 20lb meat share!  Mmmmm!
I'm just too excited and couldn't wait until my post was done.  Here's a couple pictures from our visit to Dragonfly Farmstore to pick up our monthly meat CSA and we got a farm tour to boot!  Full post will be up soon! In the meantime, stop by Dragonfly and show them some love! www.dragonflyfarmstore.ca

Stella talking to the turkeys.  She was so excited when they answered her!

I'm totally in love with this picture!
 I was completely shocked by how friendly and docile the piggies were.  And they didn't smell either.  In fact the entire farm smelled earthy and green.  Our host Cindy said the animals don't smell as they are grass-fed, organic and antibiotic-free.  Amazing!

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