Foodie Friday: Why Buy Local?

Why buy local you ask?  Why??? Because you CAN!  This is prime produce season in Southern Ontario and where better to get those awesome veggies and fruit than from your local producer.

I find so many people seem to automatically go to the grocery store for produce.  I understand in the winter, but in the summer?  Seems so strange.  Gone are the days when people went to the market a few times a week to get their fresh groceries.  I'm still in awe everything time my mother speaks of her childhood in England with no refrigerator.  Her family would go to the market everyday to get their food for the day.  They had no way to store fresh goods.  So really, what they bought they would eat that day or the next day at the latest.  Talk about fresh!  Visiting the butcher, the farmer and the cheese maker daily....sounds like heaven.  It's too bad we've lost that mindset.  Now it's all big box superstores and frozen meals that last a decade.

Why not break the habit?  Check out the market or local food stand.  Bring a little joy into shopping for your food.  We go to the market every Saturday with the kids.  After picking up our CSA  box we take a tour and grab whatever extras we might need for the next few days.  I love 'window' shopping the various vendors.  You can get just about anything your heart desires...meat, cheese, baked goods, flowers, crafts and more!

So take an adventure to your local market and see what you've been missing!

Here's a few local ones that we enjoy:

Western Fair Farmer's Market
Masonville Farmer's Market
Ogilvies Food and Artisan Market
Horton Farmer's Market
Trails End Market
Covent Garden Market

Or how about that little stand by the side of  the road?  Stop by and grab some lovely local produce.

Lovin' local,

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