Thinking of Thrifty Thursday

Today officially marks my first official day as a stay at home mom!  WOOT! I got my last payment for my maternity leave from the Government along with a pleasant letter advising me that they would no longer bank roll my endeavours.  So in honour of this new found freedom of funds, I thought maybe I should post about thrifty tips or frugal finds.  Even when I was working full time with no kids I couldn't resist a good deal.  Stay tuned for my tips, tricks and ideas on how to stay thrifty.  We will be getting a lot more frugal here at the homestead.  And I'm kind of excited to see if I can stand up to the challenge of maintaining our household on a much smaller budget.  I know it can be done and has been done by many with less than I.  Keep your eyes peeled for some suburban frugality and feel free to share any penny-pinching tidbits you might have in your own homestead.

Remembering my father's words to me on my wedding day...."Never pay full price for anything."

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photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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