Tip Tuesday: DIY Deodorant

I remember that day well...the day I made my own deodorant....the day I realised I might just be a hippie.  :)

So after my husband nagged me for years to stop using antiperspirants I finally made my own.  I had tried numerous natural deodorants on the market, but I never found anything I really liked.

And that's how I ended up making my own.  You make think I'm weird or crazy or both, but I can tell you I've been using my homemade deodorant for about 3 months now and I LOVE it!  My jar is almost empty so I thought I would share the recipe.

After an extensive online search, this is the recipe I found to be the quickest and involve the least amount of ingredients. Ditch your toxic deodorant and make your own natural, moisturizing and yummy deodorant with Coconut Oil.

A few tips as a Coconut Oil Deodorant convert:

Try and find Aluminium-free baking soda. No point in pitching your aluminium-laden stick of deodorant for aluminium-laden homemade one. (see my post on what's in your deodorant)

I keep mine in a small glass baby food jar in the bathroom. Before scenting, I split the batch into 2 jars. One for me and one for the hubby.

Make sure you give yourself a few minutes after applying before getting dressed as to not get those pesky white marks on your clothes.

Got your own recipe or fave scent?  Please share!

Smellin' pretty,

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