Tip Tuesday: DIY Face Mask

Recently I found myself with a few kid free moments at home.  So I decided to treat myself to a face mask.  I was reaching for the almost empty tube of store bought clay mask when I thought - hey, I'm sure I can make my own.  So I did.  And it was super easy AND made my skin feel and look wonderful.

Thanks to homemadefacialmasksforacne.blogspot.ca for this super easy recipe.  Check them out for tons of other face mask options.

Are you ready?  Here it goes!

1 teaspoon of yogurt
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of chopped hazelnuts
4-5 drops of lemon juice

And there you have it!  Mix it up and spread it on your face.  After 10 minutes rinse it off with warm water.

The honey has astringent properties and also helps increase your skins healing abilities.  The yogurt helps to close pores and exfoliate the skin. It also helps to stimulate collagen production.  What a bonus!
And it's all natural (provided you use natural ingredients) and contains no nasty chemicals.  This is a definite keeper!

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