Sober September

Finally a new month!  I love the Fall and I'm so relieved that August is finally over.  There were a lot of struggles and challenges in August and all of us are so excited to finally start September; start a new chapter and some new adventures.

One of which is Sober September.

Let me explain how this all came about.  This past weekend we had an impromptu party at our house with a bunch of the neighbours and their kiddos.  It was a blast!  Lots of laughs and fun and the perfect way to spend the last weekend before school starts.  And yes there was alcohol.  Now, since having kids I've found that a night of drinking quickly loses it's charm the next morning when you are awoken by wriggling children.  The kids don't really understand go back to sleep, mommy has a headache.  So this weekend totally confirmed my suspicion that me and liquor do not get a long very well.  I'm not a big drinker by any stretch, but I do enjoy a glass or 2 of wine in the evening or a gluten-free beer on the deck.  Anything more and I it's bad news all around.

After suffering all day yesterday with what felt like the worst hangover ever, it was determined that Sober September was in order.  So as of today, the homestead will be a completely 'dry' zone.  No wine at dinner or cold beer by the pool.  Hopefully this will not be terribly difficult especially with the memories of feeling like I had been run over by a truck still fresh in my mind.  At least the hubby has agreed to our booze-free experiment as well.  I can't decide if we are just getting older or if we're smartening up.  Either way this will be a healthy and budget-friendly decision.  Anyone one to join us on this journey? Your body and wallet will thank you.  Stay tuned for updates about Sober September.  Should be interesting with a couple birthdays this month and our Anniversary! 

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  1. I am thankful that I am not a huge drinker and never really care for it very often. I wish you luck over the next month.


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