A Day in the Life: The Story of Stella

October 18th, 2009 was one of the happiest days of my life; the day I gave birth to my first child Stella.  Most of my life I never thought I would get married let alone have kids and here I am married with 2 adorable little girls.  So in honour of Mia Stella (my star) I thought I would share her birth story.

When I first found out I was pregnant I went to my family doctor to see what was next.  I have to say I was kind of clueless and she pointed out that I had my choice of OBGYN or a Midwife.  In Ontario, you have the right to choose and both options are covered by OHIP.  Now this was just at the start of my journey to a healthier, more natural life but instinctively I chose the midwife. And I'm so glad I did!  My midwives were Beth & Drea from Thames Valley Midwives.  And if you saw my post The Story of Alice you'll notice that Beth was at both my births!  We had decided from the beginning that I would have Stella at the hospital with the midwives.  I hadn't really researched home births at this point in my life so we never really looked at it as an option.  But in hindsight I wish I had. 

So October 17th, 2009 was a Saturday and my due date.  It was just like any other day. I remember the sun was out and the leaves were falling.  It was a warm Autumn day with a slight nip in the air.  Hubby and I had hit the market and then visited a church Bazaar in our old neighbourhood.  We even popped in to say hello to our old neighbours.  It was a perfect Saturday.  That afternoon we decided to take a nap.  After all, I was 9 months pregnant and well, why not! When we woke up I remember discussing what we were going to do the next day and we even made plans with friends for brunch the next morning.  Man, was I completely oblivious to what was going to happen.

I hopped out of bed and went for a quick washroom break as my bladder felt like the size of a pea.  And wouldn't you know, my water broke!  Right there on the toilet...talk about perfect timing.  And that's how Stella's journey started.

After my water broke, nothing else really seemed to happen.  I called the midwives and they just said to keep them posted on how things were going and when the contractions start.  Seemed easy enough.
Hubby and I figured the next 24 hours were going to be a little crazy. So we had some take out and then hit Walmart to grab a few last minute essentials.  Yes, I went shopping in Walmart when my water broke...talk about ridiculous!

So after our shopping excursion we came home and just hung out.  Nothing was happening.  No contractions, no other signs of labour.  We decided to hit the hay early as we knew things were about to get a whole lot crazier.  Not even 30 seconds after we got into bed, the contractions started.  And they were strong...not very close, but they sure packed a punch.  I ended up labouring all night on the couch in the basement while my hubby held my hand and timed each one.  We called the midwives about 5 am and they asked what took us so long.  They arrived to the house about 7:00 am and checked things out.  Everything was going as planned, contractions were getting closer and I was in considerable pain.  We decided to head to the hospital about 8:30 am or so.  And that was probably the longest car ride of my life.  In reality it was only about a 10-15 minute drive, but it seemed like a painful eternity.  Luckily there wasn't much traffic early on a Sunday morning and no one could hear me screaming at Mike to drive faster. I remember clearly telling the midwives that I wanted an epidural.  Even though throughout my entire pregnancy I was planning on a natural birth. Pain definitely can cloud your judgement and really, when you're in agony everyone just wants you to feel better.

So when we got checked into the birthing room at the hospital the midwives attempted to start the IV.  Both of them tried in multiple spots but with each contraction my vein would collapse and it was nearly impossible to get the IV in.  So then they called in the nurses on the floor to try.  And once again, no go.  So then they paged the IV team.  I was beginning to look and feel like a pin cushion, but during labour I didn't feel any of it. By the time the IV team came in and got the line started I was ready to push and it was too late for an epidural. Oh well.

At 11:20 am Stella was born.  7lbs 13 oz of beautiful baby.  It was incredible;  I remember weeping with sheer joy and happiness while holding this new little person.  And I couldn't believe that she was ours.  My parents were the first to arrive and got to hold their new granddaughter while I was still in the birthing room.  Shortly after, we were able to head to our private room as a family.  The midwives stayed for a bit but then let us have our privacy.  Beth advised us to get out of the hospital as soon as we could.  We were planning on staying the night, but ended up leaving just after dinner.  And so glad we did.  The hospital was noisy and cramped and not terribly comfortable.  It served it's purpose but we wanted to be at home as a family. Our friends showed up at the hospital with flowers and gifts that afternoon.  Mike and I were confused as we hadn't called them to announce our new arrival. But the super sleuths were able to conclude that when we didn't show up for brunch that morning, that I must have been having a baby!

And that's how Stella arrived...prompt and full of energy...our little star!

Happy Birthday Stella!  Keep shining bright!  Love you!
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  1. My first two were born in a country hospital, my third was born on the way to the country hospital in the backseat of my car. Emmylee, my fourth was born on the stretcher before we got to the emergency room. Births are an exciting time, always they seem like a miracle and are never forgotten, even for the father.

    Happy Birthday Stella!



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