A Day in the Life: My Selfish Vacation

My husband and I will be leaving for vacation in the near future.  This will be our first vacation by ourselves in over 6 yrs!  No kids, no friends, no relatives....just us! HALLELUJAH!

I've been getting mixed reviews on the idea of leaving our kids behind, but really....I don't see what the problem is.  Am I a terrible parent because I don't want them to come on holiday with us? I hope not.

Between our busy schedules, the hubs and I rarely spend anytime together.  Conversations are had over crying children at the dinner table.  And most nights by the time all our chores are done, we're just to tired to do anything except sleep.

And that's what we're going to do!  Yes, I'm hopping on a plane to spend a week at a resort to sleep....and maybe do some other stuff too. This holiday is a way for us to restore, recharge and renew our relationship.  Reconnect and relearn all the amazing things we love about each other.  Plus I will get to eat a hot meal that won't be spit or thrown at me.  And the only bum I will have to wipe will be my own.

So selfish I may be, but I think in order to be a great parent or partner you need to remember who you are first.

And I seem to remember I like lying on the beach with a Margarita in my hand!

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