Thrifty Thursday: Holiday Cheer for Less

Christmas is fast approaching and if you're like me you enjoy sprucing up your homestead with some holiday cheer.  But if you're like me you get tired of looking at the same decorations year after year.  I really can't justify purchasing new Christmas decorations on a regular basis.  So I thought I would throw together some quick and frugal ways to spread some cheer!
  1. Recycled Gift Tags - I'm sure you have a stack of old Christmas cards from years gone by.  Why not re-purpose them into some funky gift tags?  Just simply cut off the front and cut into rectangles.  Round the top edges into the classic tag shape and then punch a hole in the top.  Use some ribbon or string to attach to your gifts!
  2. Painted Ornaments - bored with your old Christmas baubles?  Why not dip them in paint and change your whole colour scheme?  Or what about just dipping them half way for an ultra chic two-tone colour palette?  Make sure you loop them on a string and then dip.  Simply hang on a broom handle or a hanger to dry.  Just make sure to place them over some newspaper to catch any drips
  3. Brown Paper Wrap - forget the fancy wrapping paper.  Stock up on plain brown paper for wrapping and the possibilities are endless.  Have the kids colour & sticker their gifts.  Nothing looks more elegant than plain brown paper wrapped with some pretty ribbon or string as well.
  4. Potato Stamps - remember making these as kids?  Why not make a simple Christmas tree or bell stamp to decorate your gifts.  Or why not have the kids make the Christmas cards this year and let them go stamp crazy! They'll be funky and heartfelt cards that everyone will enjoy!
  5. Cookie Cutter Napkin Rings - no need to buy fancy napkin rings for your holiday feast. Just use your cookie cutters instead.  Stars and bells would look beautiful as a place setting.
  6. Spruce it up with String - skip the ribbon on your gifts; use string or yarn instead.  Add a few beads or a Christmas bauble to finish the look.  Great way to use up left over yarn from your knitting projects!
  7. Beautify Burnt Out Bulbs - don't know what to do with those burnt out Christmas lights?  Dip them in glue and glitter.  Once dry fill up a glass vase or mason jar with your sparkly creations for an instant pop of cheer!
  8. Wreaths aren't just for doors - hit up your local Thrift Store and stock up on various holiday wreaths.  Place on your table with an arrangement of candles or on your bathroom counter around your soap dishes and you have an quick and frugal center piece
  9. Cozy up your Wine - have an old wool sweater that has seen better days?  Why not turn it into a couple of gorgeous bottle sleeves for gift giving!  
  10. Vases - no need to spend to great festive items. Turn your old and interesting bottles into festive floral arrangements with some spray paint and and some twigs.
Embracing your festive fetishes doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  Just a little creativity and maybe a glue gun and glitter and you're set!  

Got some great thrifty holiday decorating tips?   I'd love to hear what you've done to holiday-up your homestead!
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  1. You've got some great ideas there. The gift tag one was my post for next weeks Thrifty Thursday, might have to re think now :-) Thanks for joining in


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