Thrifty Thursday - Marvelous Mason

You might be like me and have a cupboard full of mason jars from the days when you were young and eager to can every fruit and veggie in sight.  But now older and more tired, I never have actually canned a thing.  But I can tell you those jars have not gone to waste.  From decorative, to supremely handy, the mason jar is one thing that everyone needs in their life. Besides being frugal, they are are great green alternative to so many other items.

Here's a few of my favourite uses for glass jars:

 Canning -of course!
via Chiot's Run

Pantry Organization - store all your dry goods in mason jars or other glass jars to keep them fresh
via Tidbits and Twine

Gifts Giving - nothing says Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday like a brownie or cookie mix in a jar!
via Angelfire693

DIY Beauty - do you make your own deodorant, toothpaste or other beauty products?  Little glass jars are the perfect vessel to store them in and they seal so well.
via Slightly Hippie Housewife of Suburbia

Kids Crafts - make some pretty adorable containers for your little ones and they'll love helping make them too.
Kids Storage Jars - one day when we start doing crafts
via Pinterest

Lights & Lanterns - jars make adorable lanterns and lights for parties and soirees.  Perfect for inside and outdoors! 

via Health and Natural Living

Vases - perfect for a wedding or home decor.  Have them plain or painted or stencilled....the possibilities are endless!
DIY mason jar vases
via Pinterest

Glasses - stop replacing those tired old glasses you keep breaking.  Use mason jars!  Not only are they super funky, but also pretty darn sturdy!
mason jar glasses
via Catch My Party

Terrariums - so awesome!  I remember making one out of a giant pickle jar as a kid.  And what a great way to add a little green to your home.
via The Free Folk

Soap Dispenser - perfect for the homestead and so chic!

Sprouting - skip the fancy sprouting machine; a jar works wonders!
via Farm Tina

What are your favourite ways to reuse & re-purpose glass jars?

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  1. I love jars and have made various gifts for Xmas over the years. Beautiful pics and fab ideas #ThriftyThursday

  2. I luuurveee glass jars and I have hundreds of them in the laundry room, much to the other half's disgust lol. I use them for all sorts of things from storing all of my beads for jewellery to presents for people. I'm also stockpiling them ready for our country wedding, that we may actually have one day ;-)


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