Thrifty Thursday: The ReGift - Rude or Rad?

Do you regift? Have you received a regift?  I am not ashamed to say I've been both a giver and receiver.  And I'm totally OK with it.

You may think it's cheap, rude and maybe just lazy.  But I see it a little differently.  Regifting can be a thrifty and heartfelt way to give gifts.  It's sharing at it's most basic level.

Every year, especially around Christmas I find myself getting buried with gifts.  It's not that I don't want them or don't like them (OK maybe a little) or that I'm not appreciative, it's just I tend to find it excessive and wasteful.  There are so many people in the world living without or beyond their means and I've tried to express this to my circle of friends and relatives, but they're givers and don't always get that I don't need gifts.

So I have a special spot in my closest where I keep gifts that will be granted a new lease on life.  Why will I keep something I won't use and will collect dust when I know someone who would love to have it?  Same goes for my kids gifts too. They get spoiled for their birthdays and holidays and frankly, our homestead is bursting at the seams with stuff.  So off to the closet it goes until I can find a new owner.

Here's a few tips I use to be a Responsible ReGifter:
  1. Only regift new, unopened & unused items.  It may seem obvious, but I did receive a clearly used item as a wedding gift once and it was a little awkward.
  2. Keep track of who gave you the gift in the first place.  Nothing worse than regifting something back to it's original giver.  Eeek!
  3. Put some thought into it.  Don't just regift something because it's just lying around.  Give them something that they would actually like & appreciate.
  4. Make sure to wait an appropriate amount of time before regifting your items.  Nothing worse than a surprise visit from your relatives who will want to see the set of kitten plates they gave you on display for their arrival.
  5. Don't regift everything.  Make sure that you do keep at least a little something for yourself.  Remember, the person who gave it to you put a lot of thought & effort into selecting your present. (well, let's hope so)
  6. Give something to charity.  Make sure that along with regifting you also pay it forward to your local charities.  Kids got too much for Christmas? Send some over to the local Children's charity.  Got sweater you don't like or entirely too many bath sets? Drop them buy the women's shelter and brighten someone's day.
Reuse, Recycle & ReGift!
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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who does this! I think it's a good idea to recycle gifts that are either unsuitable or surplus to requirements so they don't go to waste. Great post #ThriftyThursday

  2. Yay! I knew there were more regifters than just me! :)

  3. I do this too!! It's good to know that their are others out there that do it. I always attach a little note onto the gift so that I can remember who it came from to avoid the whole givivng back the same present issue :-) Thank you for linking up to #ThriftyThursday

  4. I do this all the time. We have a little stash of gifts and wait for until we can match the gift to a person who would love it. One year my aunt returned a gift to my mom, obviously hadn't remembered that my mom had given it her in the first place. Luckily she saw the funny side!


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