Tip Tuesday: 5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Leaves Alone

The leaves have been falling in our yard for about a month now. We have a wide variety of trees in our backyard and in our neighbours yards and it seems as though they all fall at different times. Butternut, Hickory, Oak and many others have already shed their beautiful colour. The last are the hearty maples. They only just started dropping their gold & auburn leaves in the past 2 days now that the temperature has dipped below zero.

I have already raked my fair share of leaves so far but I'm going to leave the rest alone.  Here's a few reasons why you should leave your leaves alone:
  1.  Let the leaves fall where they may - leaving them on the ground provides great homes for useful insects, amphibians and critters and helps to insulate those tree roots.
  2. Cover your gardens - use the leaves as free insulation to cover your plants for the winter. In the Spring you can simply turn the leaves into your soil for natural fertilizer.
  3. Mow & Mulch - instead of raking and bagging - simply mow your leaves with a mulching mower.  The broken down leaves will provide great nutrients to your lawn and help keep weeds down.
  4. Compost - keep your leaves to yourself and toss them in your compost bin.  By the time Spring comes around you'll have some great mulch for your gardens
  5. Pile them high - nothing says Autumn like jumping into a giant pile of leaves!  But you can also leave that pile over the winter and you'll have some awesome mulch.  Leave that pile for a year and you'll end up with some amazing black leaf mulch for potting and gardens.
So don't get rid of those leaves.  They are fantastic for your homestead and there's a multitude of things you can do with them.  Aside from gardening, why not make some wonderful Fall decor items or dress up your table for Thanksgiving!

And the best part...they're FREE & GREEN!
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photo credit: Eduardo Amorim via photopin cc

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