Tip Tuesday: Keep Calm and Compost On!

We've just had our first true snowfall here at the homestead and I thought it would be a great time to confer about compost.  Now many people compost through the Spring & Summer but think it's completely ridiculous to continue through the cold winter months.

Why would anyone want to trudge through the snow to through their coffee grounds in a big frozen compost bin?

So here's a few tidbits to get you through the cold compost season:
  1. Frozen compost = less stinky compost.  Without the blistering heat of the summer your compost pile will stay fairly funk free and you won't have to battle with flies or critters either.  No smell means no animal compost divers.
  2. The freeze/cycle of the winter actually helps breakdown all your scraps.  So once the Spring arrives all your winter contributions will breakdown into beautiful black earth much more quickly.
  3.  Don't don your skis for every eggshell and carrot top.  Have your kitchen scrap bucket but also have a larger pre-compost bucket strategically located closer to your house.  A large pail with a lid or garbage can works well.  Then you only have to hike through the snow drifts once in a while to toss your scraps onto the compost pile
  4. Because your house is usually cooler in the winter, your indoor bin is less likely to be a breeding ground for fruit flies and other unsavoury characters.  But be wary of bananas.  Those peels are a paradise for fruit flies so chuck them into the outside pre-compost bin ASAP to help to ensure a bug free home.
  5. Don't toss all your yard waste.  Keep your leaves, pumpkins and mums and add them to your compost heap.  If you have the space take some off your neighbours hands too! You'll be in for a treat come the Spring with lots of lovely compost for the gardens!
 So don't let the snow scare you aware from the composter; your yard and the environment will thank you!

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 photo credit: kirstyhall via photopin cc

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