Tip Tuesday: Miniature Art Gallery

If you have a child who loves to draw, paint or craft, then you'll likely find yourself buried under stacks of whimsical kiddie creations.  Stella would be in heaven if all she could do was colour & sticker & paint all day.  Most days she comes home from school with her backpack overflowing with amazing artwork.  We don't really have space to store everything she makes, but I also feel guilty if I attempt to purge anything she's made.  So I came up with this super quick way to display and keep her precious paintings and drawings without breaking the bank or the walls.

5 minute Mini Art Gallery

Twine or String or Gimp
Thumb tacks or small nails
Wooden Clothes Pins
Your child's paintings

Not that any are really necessary, but take a piece of string ( I used gimp) and tack it up on the wall you wish to use as your child's art exhibit.  Hang your child's creations on the string.  And voila!  Instant art display!
And I love that you can easily change out the artwork as they create more.  Plus I don't have to turn my child's wall into a piece of Swiss Cheese by constantly hanging and removing the ever changing art work.

I also strung it along the top of Stella's window frame.  I have been looking for a curtain or valance for entirely too long and still haven't found one I liked.  Stella's art is the perfect compliment to her simple white window blind.

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