We got Worms!

Family size Worm Composting KitYup, it's true...we've got worms!  But in a good way...really! Please meet the latest addition to our family - a lovely family of Red Worms complete with their own little cedar cottage courtesy of Wood Worm Farms!

Why you ask?

Well, not only do I think it's kind of cool, (yes I'm a nerd) but it's also a very effective way to compost indoors.  Did you know worms can consume their weight daily? They eat half bedding (carbon) and half food scraps (nitrogen). Generally speaking, 2 lbs. of red wigglers will recycle 1 lb. of organic matter in 24 hours. That's pretty amazing!  We have plenty of food scraps here so I thought it would be a great experiment to see if we could maintain a happy healthy worm farm.  Whatever we don't feed to the worms will still be sent to our outdoor composter.

And did I mention that the worm castings make amazing fertilizer.  The castings can be added directly or mixed with potting or garden soil as a soil amendment. Castings make nutrients easily available to plants and can be used as a top dressing for indoor or outdoor plants.  You can also make Casting Tea for your plants & lawn. Simply add 1-2" of castings to your watering can or rain barrel. Allow castings and water to "steep" for a day or two, mixing occasionally. Water plants as usual. The resulting "tea" helps make nutrients already in the soil available to plant and you'll end up with some very happy & healthy flora in your yard.

We recieved our Wood Worm Farms kit in a couple of days in the mail.  I had been drawn to them as their kits are made from untreated spruce; most I had seen online were made of plastic.  How great is it that once the farm has lived out its life, it too can be composted? The worm farm came fully assembled and was quite easy to set up. The hardest part was waiting to feed them for the first time.  After the little Red Wigglers have been placed in their new home we had to wait over a week for them to get comfy before feeding them.  Our worm farm is in the office in the basement and our pets really have no interest in it whatsoever.  It's a little cooler and damper than the rest of the house, but still in plain sight so I don't forget about them. 

Our little wiggly homestead is doing well, no funky smells or fruit flies.  Yippee!  And if you peek under the lid you'll just see some happy dancing worms.

So stay tuned as I will be updating you on the status on our farm as the months go on. And I'm excited that we should have lots of fantastic castings before the Spring is here.  And my plan is to show you that it can be done, even in the suburbs, and is a great way to help Mother Earth and your gardens.
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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from Wood Worm Farms for the purposes of this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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