A Day in the Life: Calming the Christmas Coveting

It's December and Christmas will be here before you know it.  I'm not a giant Christmas fanatic, but I do enjoy the season.  I love the winter, snow and the twinkling lights.  But I really don't care for the commercialism and the gift grabbing greediness that comes along with it.  Now that we have kids I think the best part about the holidays is seeing the look on their faces when they see the houses lit up and the trees sparkling in the snow.

Stella has been coming home from school singing Christmas carols every night.  Definitely not something we've been teaching her but there's a holiday concert coming up so I'm assuming that's where they are coming from.  But with the carols has come her never ending list of things she wants.  Now granted she doesn't really ask for much all year, but recently it seems like she just can't stop talking about all the things Santa is going to bring her.  Ughhh.

So we had a conversation about Santa after one of her breathless conversations about must-have toys.  And we decided she can ask Santa for ONE present for herself and one for a child that doesn't have anything.  Gasp!

I was quite surprised when she embraced the idea completely without question or argument.  Now the challenge will be to see if she can actually decide on one thing.  Anytime I ask her what she wants Santa to bring it changes from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute. I have a feeling there will be some last minute shopping going on.

How to you control the gift grab at your house?  Or do you even try?
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  1. My kids are a little older, so we have started just having one gift for them, and then planning something fun for ourselves as a family. I think memories are more important than gifts which won't last. Last year we went white water rafting in the Amazon over Christmas. (We live in Ecuador, so that isn't as big of a deal as it sounds!).


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