A Day in the Life: It's All Me!

I can't stand talking about myself and usually any mention of me is self-deprecating.  But today, on the eve of my birthday I thought maybe I'd share a little more from the vault.  As I get older I seem to dislike my birthday more and more.  And please don't ask how old I'll be....lets just say I'm no where near 20 anymore.

So in case you ever need some interesting facts about me, here's some little known things about Jen!
  1.  For all intents and purposes, I'm a Lefty.  I do perform most tasks with my right hand though, except writing and eating.
  2. I am related to Samuel Rogers & Abraham Lincoln on my mother's side.
  3. I'm a closet harmonica player that can't sing a note to save her life.
  4. I dream of owning a small hobby farm and creating a self-sustaining homestead.
  5. I can catch and clean my own fish. 
  6. Drawing and painting have been one of my favourite past times for as long as I can remember.  I even had one of my childhood paintings in Museum London.
  7. Growing up I never wanted to get married or have children.  Oh how things change!
  8. I have a soft spot for animals and have been bringing home critters since I was little.
  9. All I know about cooking I learned from my mother.
  10. I would move to Newfoundland, Australia or Cuba in a second!
  11. My favourite author is Timothy Findley.
  12. My favourite actor is Kevin Spacey.
  13. I am a proponent of Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Psychics and Animal Rescues.
  14. I love all things food and nothing is nicer than trying new dishes or sharing my table with friends and family.
  15. I am very much a Capricorn; stubborn, moody and shy.  But on the up side I'm very loyal, patient and practical.
 I also share my birthday with Tracy UllmanRudyard Kipling, Bo Diddley and Sandy Koufax.  Interesting.

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