It's My Birthday

So here it is...my birthday....again.  No big parties or lavish gifts for me.  Just a little work on the computer and a lot of hummus!  Each year I always get cranky around my birthday.  I don't know why exactly and I never can seem to control it.  Maybe I don't like getting older, maybe it's because it's so close to Christmas and everyone is partied out, or maybe I'm just a grump.  Regardless, I thought maybe I should share some of my favourite moments from the past year.  Hoping it will put a smile on my face, and maybe yours too!
  1. Travelling - I did do a fair amount of travelling this year surprisingly enough.  There was Frankenmuth, Newfoundland, Chicago, Ottawa and Cuba.  Not too shabby!
  2. My baby turned 1 and my little star turned 4 yrs old.  It's such a wonderful journey watching them grow and change.
  3. We rescued our second fur-baby and named him Koda.  A beautiful mutt from a reserve way up north.  He's an old soul even though he's just a year old.  Wonderful with kids and in the house, you would never guess he was stray.
  4. We were lucky enough to attend the wedding of our dear friends Amos & Corey.  This was, I think, the most beautiful event I've ever been a part of as Amos was terminally ill and would pass away just a month after this glorious display of love.
  5. I started this blog!  Craziness!  Never saw this coming, but it's been a wonderful ride and I've learned a lot about myself on the way.
  6. We went on a grown-vacation.  The hubby and I were lucky enough to be able to ditch everything, including the kids and go on a tropical holiday.  It was a week of resting, relaxing, recharging and reconnecting.  Something we need to do more often for sure!
So that's the short list.  I'm sure there's plenty I've forgotten.  But for now, I'm smiling and going to go play with my girls!

It's my party & I can cry if I want too!
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