Juice Cleanse: Day 3

The menu for today!
So here I am, day 3 of my juice cleanse from The Pulp & Press Juice Co.  Pretty much midway through my foodless journey.  And honestly, so far so good.

Yesterday, day 2, wasn't bad at all.  I felt good, I had energy without caffeine and I wasn't really hungry.  The hardest thing was cooking dinner for the family.  Anytime I cook I always sample and taste bits and pieces from each dish.  Even if it's just chopping veggies I always pop a couple in my mouth.  So needless to say it was incredibly difficult to not eat a single thing.

The best part was during dinner as the kids were inhaling the casserole I had whipped up without tasting; they both decided they wanted my dinner juice - a bottle of Turbo.  I literally had to pry it from their hands.  Whenever I wasn't looking Stella would steal my bottle and chug as much as she could before getting caught.  It was so adorable, but I admit I did start to get possessive about my juice and had to cut them off before it was gone.

It's now Tuesday and the third day without food or caffeine.  And any caffeine withdrawal symptoms seem to be long gone. I'm still surprised that I wake up feeling alert and energized without a single drop of coffee!  I have also noticed that I seem to be mellower.  Not that I'm a high strung person, but you know those little things that your kids or husband do that just drive you nuts?  And you can't help but say something counterproductive about them?  Well those things don't seem to get to me as much.  I think I must be experiencing some of the mood balancing benefits from the juice. Oh, and on top of feeling more content, I've lost 3.5 lbs since starting the cleanse.  Sweet!

So why any I doing this? Here's why. Check out these fantastic benefits from juicing courtesy of Green Juice a Day:  

Top 13 Benefits of Juicing

  1. Easy Assimilation enzymes, phytochemicals, vitamins, trace minerals are rapidly available for the cells and tissues in the body.
  2. Extremely Hydrating our cells consist mainly of water, which is essential to proper cell function, hence they daily recommendations of 8 glasses of water a day. Juicing supplies the water you need to replenish lost fluids.
  3. Promotes Alkalinity vital for proper immune function. Diseases, infections, inflammation, pain, cancer all thrive in an acidic environment.
  4. Cleansing/Detoxifying helps the body remove toxins. Detoxifies the system and cleanses the digestive tract/colon.
  5. Promotes Clarity clears the mind and balances your mood.
  6. Natural Weight loss burn excess fat, fat stores harmful toxins.
  7. Blast of Antioxidants counteracts the free radicals that can cause cellular damage, ageing and susceptibility to cancers.
  8. Natural Energy no crashing or burning, consistent energy.
  9. Chlorophyll Rich chlorophyll has a similar structure to hemoglobin that allows it to enhance the body’s ability to produce more, which in turn enhances the delivery of oxygen to the cells. More oxygen to the cells, allows the system to function properly.
  10. Healthier Hair, Healthy Nails, Clear Skin the minerals and vitamins in the fruits and vegetables provides a more youthful look.
  11. Better Sex!!!
  12. Preventative Medicine anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, healing, reverse chronic illness.
  13. Better Sleep.
 Get the full article by Mariam Turay here.

Now these benefits are from fresh, raw (unpasturized) juice you make at home or get from places like The Pulp & Press Juice Co. Definitely not from the grocery store!

Anyone out there have a juicer? How often do you use it?

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Disclaimer: I was provided this product  free of charge from The Pulp & Press Juice Co.  for the purposes of this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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