Thrifty Thursday: Holiday Entertaining for Less

It's that time of year where Christmas parties are happening just about every night of the week. And what about the big Christmas dinner?  Is it your turn to host the family feast?  Entertaining friends and family is always lots of fun, but behind the scenes it can be very expensive and stressful.  So I came up with a few tips to help keep you and your wallet happy while you celebrate the Christmas season.

 5 Thrifty Tips for Holiday Entertaining
  1. Keep the Bar Small - there's no need to have a fully stocked bar; have one or 2 signature drinks and some beer and wine.  How about a Sangria, Mulled Wine or punch?  Super easy to make and since they're mixed it's a good way to stretch your dollar.Pot-luck it Up - have your guests bring a dish or dessert.  Everyone has a favourite treat they love to make during the holidays.  So let them show it off at your party!  Even better...set a theme.  Have everyone bring a different type of cheese or dessert. One of my faves is Wines around the World.  Have your guest bring a bottle of wine from a different country and then do a little tasting.
  2. Dutiful Decor - don't go out and spend a ton on holiday decorations.  Instead use some ordinary items as decorations that can serve a dual purpose.  How about your glass vases filled with candy canes or chocolates?  Bowls of clementines, lemons and limes are simple and classy. Your guests can help themselves to a clementine or use the citrus for their drinks.  Why not trim a couple branches of your trees outside for some rustic table decor?  They'll look lovely in a vase or in between your platters of treats.
  3.  Buy in Bulk - most times buying larger sizes can mean cost savings.  Costco is great this time of year for buying various fancy cheeses and meats for much less than the grocery store. They also have great prices on crackers and chips; perfect for your festive party.
  4. Keep it Simple - try not to go overboard on your menu.  Instead of 6 different cheeses, keep it to a couple baked Bries.  Skip the seafood & beef  appetizers, opt for more veggie platters and dips. Much more budget friendly and healthier too!  
  5. Set the Timer - When planning your holiday gathering make sure to have a set start and end time for the festivities.  Having your party from 8:00pm - 11:00pm, for example, will help cut costs as you won't need to supply food and beverages for an all night rager.  Unless that's what you're going for!
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  1. Great tips!!! #thriftythursday x

  2. Great advice for party hosting! #ThriftyThursday


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