A Day in the Life: Snowmen & Sauerkraut

It's the first Sunday in 2014, the day before school starts again, the last day of Christmas holidays and  time for a little family fun.  I'm sure you'd be shocked by the current state of my house: unmade beds, dishes all over the kitchen and the baby still in her jammies at noon.  But it doesn't really matter....does it?

I'm putting my New Year's Resolution into action.  I'm nourishing my relationships, my family and my body today.

The fam with Francy the Snowman!
We spent the morning in the snow, shovelling the driveway and making a snowman.  Much to Stella's delight, the weather warmed up enough for us to finally make a REAL snowman.  It was such a joy watching the look on her face as her snowman slowly came life.  I can't believe how many people walking by stopped to discuss her snowman creating abilities.  As she cheered on Dad as he heaved the giant balls of snow on to each other, I couldn't help but smile. This is what Sunday's are for.  I've got lots of time to worry about laundry and making lunches; cleaning the house and making dinner.  But snowmen...now that some serious business.

Now that we're inside, drying out and warming up I plan to spend this afternoon creating my first batch of Sauerkraut.  I bought myself a couple Fermentation books for my birthday and thought today would be a great day to start the process.  I got my cabbage, got my salt, got my scale and my recipe from Real Food Fermentation.  Nothing can stop me now!

It may not sound like much for a Sunday, but sometimes that's exactly what we need.  Life is too fast and too complicated.  I don't want to miss out on those little things that mean so much.  So I'm just focusing on nourishing, nourishing my life, my family & my spirit.

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