My New Year's Resolution & Revelation

It's 2014, a new year and time for some resolutions.  I've had so many in the past it's hard to remember what's been covered.  There was lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, quit sugar and the list goes on.  They were all fairly specific and quite successful.  But this year I'm trying something a little different.  A little something more encompassing.  So for 2014 my resolution is simply one word:

nour·ish  (nûrsh, nr-)

tr.v. nour·ished, nour·ish·ing, nour·ish·es
1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
2. To foster the development of; promote: "Athens was an imperial city, nourished by the tribute of subjects" (V. Gordon Childe).
3. To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

I resolve this year to Nourish:
  •  my body
  • my mind
  • my spirit
  • my family
  • my relationships
  • my business
  • my home
  • my life  
So there will be lots of positive changes this year.  Stay tuned and follow me on my journey of nourishment.  There will be struggles for sure, but I know it will result in a happier, healthier and more nourished me. 

What's your resolution this year?
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  1. I love the angle you've taken here. Nourishment is needed in so many ways and you've captured that perfectly.

    Thanks for linking up with New Year New me 2014!

  2. Thanks! I think it pretty much covers my goals for this year. :) And I think everyone can use a little nourishment, in any shape or form.

  3. Thanks so much for popping over to link up at the brand new #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party! I'm seeing a lot of these one word resolutions in the blogosphere at the moment and loving each and every one of them... my resolution is that next year I shall stick to a one word resolution! Good luck with yours!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure I'll need a little luck along the way!

  4. What a wonderful and underused word "Nourish" is, especially when connected to ourselves! great resolutions, and can only help you and others around you. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou link and pin party, hope you can come back next week! xx


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