Thrifty Thursday: 5 Must Have Frugal Foods

Being a single income family with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat means we have to watch our grocery budget quite closely.  It's so easy to get sucked into big sales at the supermarket or buy quick & easy convenience foods.  I am totally a foodie at heart and sometimes I can't afford to by the fancy cuts of meat or fish.  And that's OK.  I keep my pantry stocked with healthy, budget-friendly foods that will fill us up and taste great.  Plus, if I splurge on a little piece of something I can easily stretch it with these frugal foods.

5 Must Have Frugal Foods

 Potatoes - the apples of the earth.  Delicious and nutritious and they can be prepared so many different ways.  Mashed, roasted, boiled are pretty common, but what about stuffed, scalloped or Hasselback.  The sky's the limit with those spuds.  And remember, look for the 10kg bag.  They keep well in a cool, dark place and you'll save a bunch over buying the tiny little bags.

Rice - kind of obvious I know, but you'd be surprised.  Now don't go buy a little tiny bag, the true cost savings come when you by 5kg or 10kg bags.  And check your flyers, it's even better when you get them on sale.  Rice is so versatile and everyone loves it.  From casseroles, to stir fry to just a simple side dish, it's an easy and affordable way fill up your plate and tummy.

Lentils - I LOVE lentils!  Now I'm not talking the ones in a can (which are good too), but I'm referring to those bags of dried lentils on the shelf.  Mainly, because they are WAY cheaper than a can.  Plus, these bad boys are packed with protein, fibre, and iron.  So even as a vegetarian dish you'll find them filling and satisfying.  Try them in chili, stews or instead of pasta.  I love sausage & peppers in tomato sauce served on a bed of lentils!

Carrots - these orange lovelies are perfect anytime of year.  Full of beta-carotene, they are also rich in antioxidants and minerals.  And a large 5lb bag is only a couple dollars.  They are perfect side dishes but also a great way to add a little extra veg to your old staples.  I toss them in my chili, spaghetti sauce and in my smoothies.  With their hint of sweetness they are a great addition to many baking recipes as well.  

Beans - beans, beans the magical fruit....Well, yes they are pretty magical! There are so many different kinds to choose from, but you'll save more buying them dry in big bags.  And they keep for such a long time just in the cupboard.  I use kidney beans, black beans, chick peas, navy beans and many others each week.  Worried about having to soak them?  I rarely bother; I just end up cooking them a big longer.  Add them to your rice with some spice for some added fibre and protein.  Or mix them into your favourite soup to add a bit of heartiness.  And yes, I've even seen black bean brownies too!   

What are you must have frugal staples in your kitchen?
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  1. Great list. I want to start eating more lentils & quinoa, I just have to convince the other half that it is a good idea too. Thanks for linking up to #ThriftyThursday :-)

  2. I LOVES Quinoa!! I use it instead of rice all the time. :)


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