4 Awesome Waste-Less Veggie Hacks

Yes, I strive to be frugal and yes I try to only buy what I need, but there are times when I feel like I'm tossing out a lot of veggie bits.  Even though they hit the composter, it still seems like a waste. But no more!  Check out these 4 super awesome Veggie Hacks to keep you spending less green and eating more of it!

4 Awesome Waste-Less Veggie Hacks
1.  Freeze Your Wilted Greens - got a bag of limp spinach or a few leaves of less than fresh kale or chard?  Don't toss them in the bin, freeze it instead.  Wash & dry your less than stellar greens and toss them in the freezer.  They make great additions to soups, stews and even muffins.  I just tossed a bunch of frozen chard in my meatloaf and it was lovely.  I wouldn't use it to make a salad or anything, but those lack-lustre leafy greens can be added to so many dishes for an extra veggie boost.

2. Re-grow Your Green Onions - you know how you always cut off that dangley-rooty bit off the end of your green onions?  Well, next time...keep it.  But if you put those little rooty parts in some water in a sunny window they will actually regrow into a whole new green onion! Amazing! You'll never need to buy another green onion again! That's a picture of my new onions after a few days in the front window.

Vegetable Stocks3. Make Vegetable Stock - when you're busy preparing your meals and chopping and dicing and peeling make sure to keep all those scraps.  They can be easily turned into delicious and nutritious vegetable stock with very little effort.  Simply gather up all those peels, ends and skins and toss them in a bag or container in the freezer.  Once you have a whole bunch then it's time to get your stock on!  It's incredibly easy and frugal and you'll have loads of homemade stock to use for all your lovely meals.  Check out this easy tutorial for making homemade vegetable stock.

4. Eat Your Broccoli - or should I say broccoli stems?  Most of us (myself included) end up tossing out most of our broccoli ; simply cutting off the large stems and only keeping the tender flowery bits.  But we're actually pitching some of the best parts of the veggie.  Instead of sending it to the heap, instead slice it up and sautee it with some garlic for a lovely side dish. Or use it to make your favourite broccoli soup recipe.  The stems are far more flavorful than the tops and you'll maximize your dollars spent while reducing waste. Want an even crazier idea? Juice 'em! Yup, cook the tops and save the bottoms for your juicer. Wild!

Got a great frugal Veggie Hack? Please share below, I'd love to check them out!


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  1. You've got some fantastic ideas there. I'm going to try re-growing my own onions fron the end bits, and make my own veg stock and make more of an effort to use up the ends of the broccoli. Thanks for the great tips :-) #ThriftyThursday

  2. oh wow i never heard of the green onion thing before i will try this how fab. #thirthythursday

    1. I can't believe they are actually growing! It really works!

  3. Oh, I've never heard of the green onion thing either, but I am going to try it for sure!! Thanks for sharing!!


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