Celebrating Me Day instead of Family Day

This past weekend was Family Day in Ontario.  A February long weekend meant to help ease the dreariness of winter and a way to spend some time with your family.

But this year I decided to say 'screw it' and take some time for me.  

This past month has really gotten too me.  Not sure if it's been the sub-Arctic weather giving me cabin fever or just needing an escape from the everyday, but whatever it was I decided I wasn't having it and took off Sunday afternoon for a break from it all.

I called up one of my oldest friends, Andrew, and invited myself for the night.  I can always count on him to be up for just about any spontaneous activity.  I told my husband and kids I was leaving for the night and I would see them tomorrow.

My husband looked half confused and half terrified by my matter of fact statement.  Stella wasn't terribly concerned other than a few long hugs and saying 'I'll miss you when you're gone.'  And little Alice really couldn't have cared less.

So I hit the highway,  blaring cheesy dance music and feeling a little freedom.  After a white-knuckled drive to Waterloo, Andrew and I immediately picked up where we had left off; catching up over drinks and cooking dinner.  He filled me in on all the juicy gossip and his tales of being a single, successful man and I tried not to bore him with stories about the kids.

I savoured every minute, from leisurely preparing a ridiculously spicy meal, to dining after 8:00pm.  It may sound silly, but I miss these small things.  Now that we have 2 kids  my preferences &  needs are at the very bottom of the list.  But not this night!  The only person I had to worry about was me....and it was wonderful.

We headed over to the local watering hole and enjoyed some live music and drinks with new friends.  I had a lovely conversation with a local artist who's work was on display in the bar and even tried Andrew's new shooter invention call the Thelma & Louise.(kind of fitting don't you think?)

We stayed out way to late and laughed way to hard; it was EXACTLY what I needed!

I needed to remember that I am more than a wife and a mother.  I'm ME.  The me who likes to go out and have fun, who likes to try new things, who likes to hear great stories and make some of her own.

So you may think I'm selfish for ditching my family on Family Day weekend, but I think just the opposite.
I think I did my family a favour.  I feel refreshed and revived and a little more like me after my whirlwind road trip.  And that means I might just be a better wife and mother because of it.


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