It Must Be a Sign...

It's a sign alright.  For Sale, that is.  The sign on the lawn went up yesterday.  So I guess that means it's official. 

We're moving our homestead!  

You may remember me talking about downsizing last week.  Well, we finally decided to stop talking about it and make it happen.  After cleaning like a crazy lady last week, we had our Realtor come out and take some photos and get our house listed.

It's kind of exciting, but also completely terrifying.  We're not sure where or when we'll be moving, but move we will.  Our plan is to sell our place first and then go shopping.  I REALLY want to move to the country, but I know my husband has reservations.  So here's hoping we can find some common ground and a new place we can call home.

We have an open house this weekend to get things rolling and here's hoping we can get it sold quickly! I think it's going to take everything out of me to try and keep the house clean for showings with 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a husband.  I apologize in advance as there will likely be many posts (rants) about my moving challenges (shit storms) in the coming weeks. 

Feel free to share your own experiences & advice for moving with kids & pets.  Lord knows I could use it!


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  1. Good luck with the house sale. I have a downsizing posts too for this weeks Thrifty Thursday. We are hopefully moving at the end of March all being well :-)


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