My $20 Valentine's Day

I really haven't been in the lovey-dovey Valentine's Day spirit this year.  I'm not sure why, but it might  have to do with being run down, battling a chest infection and hardly being at home lately. 

I flat out told my husband last night "Do NOT get me anything. I mean it. Not even a card because I'm not getting you anything."
But then something changed this morning.  My poor little Stella was up multiple times last night with a terrible cough.  And at 4am she said to me in her froggy, teary-eyed voice "Mommy, I'm sad....I don't want to miss Valentine's Day."

And that's when it hit me.  So what if I'm not feeling it.  I need to do something to make it magical for her.  I remember being in school and the excitement coursing through my body as we delivered our Valentines to all our classmates.  And how thrilled we were to bring home our homemade mailboxes overflowing with cards and candy.

So off I went with $20 in my pocket to pick up a little Valentine's Day cheer!

I grabbed a little decor; Stella's face is going to light up when she comes home from school and sees this!

Not to shabby for $2!

And a couple cards and a little something special for her.

Thank you Dollar Store for some cute cards

Finally, some sweetness that she's going to absolutely flip over!

Glutenfree & Vegan sugar cookies from Organic Works Bakery. Mmmm!

And voila!  Instant Valentine's Day spirit.  It may not seem like much, but it doesn't have too.  I know that she will be completely overjoyed by this small simple gesture.

What are your plans for the big Love Day?  Are you going all out or keeping it simple and sweet?

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