My Thrifty Idol

I consider myself to be a fairly thrifty gal.  I love getting a great deal or a fabulous find, but I can't even compare to my Grandma - the Queen of Thrift!

Growing up in Northern Ontario during the Great Depression taught my Grandmother a lot of difficult lessons.  They didn't have much on their small homestead and her young years were incredibly hard.  However, she emerged triumphant with an amazing sense of frugality and thrift.

I swear this woman has no garbage.  Seriously.  She reuses just about everything.  Every glass container is reused for canning or storage.  Every plastic tub is used in place of Tupperware or in her garden shed.  She even washes out her empty milk bags and uses them instead of Ziploc bags or plastic wrap!

My Grandma has a lovely vegetable garden in the summer and grows an incredible amount of food for herself.  She composts everything and wastes nothing, only buying just what she needs.

She is very cautious with her spending and that's not a bad thing.  Her house looks exactly the way it did on the day I was born.  Her stove is probably close to 40 years old, but it's still going strong.  She's definitely a 'if it's not broke don't fix it' kind of person.

And good for her.  When I was younger I used to think it was funny that she didn't us Saran wrap, but now I'm constantly learning some new thrifty tip or trick.

Grandma with her namsake - my daughter Alice. 

Do you have a Thrifty Idol? What's the best thing that you learned about being trifty?

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  1. Aww that's a lovely post, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. My nan was obsessed with charity shop finds! I think I need to take more notice of them in future :)

  3. Your Grandma sounds amazing, a true inspiration!


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