Raffi's Embrace

It all began with a tweet on my feed.  
A tweet on my feed I thought no one would read....

And then something quite magical happened.  Raffi...yes, the actual Raffi tweeted back to me!  I couldn't quite believe it.  And then he sent me a message! Are you serious??  Raffi is on Twitter and is replying to my tweet on a Saturday night?

And that's when this Canadian icon, world famous Children's entertainer asked me if I would like tickets to his Sunday performance! Ummm...YEAH!  I was so envious of my 4 year old as she was going with my in-laws and we were not.  So after a series of tweets and texts between Raffi, his assistant and myself it looked as though Alice, Mike and myself would now be attending his concert.

We arrived a little early to pick up the tickets from the box office at Centennial Hall and I was overflowing with excitement.  When I gave them my name the girl asked me if I had VIP tickets.  I told her I didn't know, but Raffi had set them aside for me.  When she returned with our tickets she told me to wait in our seats after the show and they would come get us. "Do we get to meet Raffi?" I said hesitantly.  "Yes" she replied and went to help the next person in line.

Meet Raffi!! We get to meet Raffi! 

The hall was filled with tons of tiny tykes and loads of parents who had listened to Raffi when they were little. As soon as Raffi came out everyone was taken under his spell.  Moms & tots and Dads & kids were singing and dancing and clapping and completely enveloped in his musical magic. He just has the most wonderful effect on people and children.   You can't resist the joy and love that comes from each of his songs.  I sang to every song and had to hide my tears from a few too.  In a room filled with hundreds of kids, there were no meltdowns or tantrums...everyone was all wrapped up in Raffi's warm embrace.

Even after the concert, we waited around for over an hour to meet him, the kids were surprisingly content and I wasn't the least bit impatient.  We were the last group to have the honour of meeting this lovely man in person.  Alice, who had been fighting to get out of my husbands arms, took one look at him, dropped her soother, smiled & waved and said "Hieeee!" I thought Stella might play a little shy, but she went right up to him and snuggled in and said "Thanks for the music".  I was trying my best to keep it together and not look like a fool in front of Raffi;   I thanked him for the lovely tickets and we chatted a bit. And then it happened...he hugged me goodbye.  It was a warm and genuine embrace and a memory I won't soon forget.

Seeing him as a child was always fun and exciting, but as an adult it now has an entirely new meaning. I feel rejuvenated, uplifted and  peaceful.  My husband said afterwards he's the "Pied Piper of Children".

Raffi is like a beautiful wave of love, peace & acceptance that washes over you; thank you for embracing my family.

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  1. That is so wonderful! Growing up in a french canadian family and neighbourhood, I never heard of Raffi, until recently, now living in BC and having a 2 year old, I have a feeling I'm going to know him very well.
    Just a few days ago, driving home from work, I heard an interview with Raffi on the radio and he was talking about how he is concerned about the "dark" web and children's safety when using the internet. I was so impressed by what he had to say and made several mental notes of his ideas and statements, such as "young children do not need iPads and computers, they need active play and to discover and learn the world around them", he said that he himself only learned about technology recently and how easy it was for him.

    Congratulations on meeting up with such a positive role model!

  2. oh and he was interviewed about the book he just wrote:

    Lightweb Darkweb: Three Reasons to Reform Social Media Be4 It Re-Forms Us

    by Raffi Cavoukian

    1. That's too funny. One of the last things he said to me was to check out his book as we were talking about my blog. It's on it's way from Chapters as I write. I'll let you know how it is! :)


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