Sleeping With the Enemy: Is Your Pillow Toxic?

A pillow is a very personal thing that can bring you peace and comfort.  But could that cozy, squishy bedroom accessory you love so much be bad for you? Well... it might just be the enemy.

Sleeping With the Enemy: 
3 Toxins in Your Pillow 

  1. Petroleum Products - if you have a  foam or poly-fill pillow you could be breathing in chemical fumes, or be exposed to synthetic dyes and other toxins. Poly-fill and other synthetic materials, like polyurethane foam, are often made from petroleum derivatives.  Mmm, nothing like snuggling up with some oil-based foam to lull you to sleep
  2. Fire Retardants - so that poly-fill pillow is made from petroleum products, which is essentially oil and that means it's flammable! Yup, burst-into-flames in bed kind of thing.  So those pillows need to be doused in fire retardants.  So they're treated  with polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) or other brominated fire retardants to keep them from catching fire. But those chemicals can accumulate in your body, and can cause liver toxicity, thyroid toxicity, and neurodevelopmental toxicity. Well, isn't that just lovely?!
  3. Dust Mites - they may be natural, but they're still quite disgusting.  This little microscopic critters love a nice warm pillow too. Did you know 10% of the weight of a  2yr old pillow can be made up of dead mites and their droppings? Gah! And they love warm, moist places....like your bed and pillow.  Think you have a never-ending cold or maybe even asthma? It could just be those dust mites causing your grief.      

So now what?  Well, you don't have to go without a pillow.  There's lots of other, natural and healthier pillow options out there now.  There are ones made from Natural Latex, Wool, Cotton, Feathers, Kapok, Buckwheat and Millet.  Check out this great comparison to help you decide what's best for your homestead. I just adore my Buckwheat pillow!

What's on your bed?


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  1. Just the thought of dust mites freaks me out!! Yucky. I've never thought about getting natural pillows, I'm off to have a look thanks :-)

    1. I LOVE my buckwheat one. It takes a little adjustment, but now I can even figure out how I ever slept before. And dust mites don't like them! :)


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