The Fireplace Debacle

In keeping with my #ThriftyThursday theme, I thought I would share with you what I've been up to the past couple days. (hence the late blog post).  As you may already be aware, we've decided to sell our house.  And of course about a week before we made this huge decision the gas fireplace in our living room died.  Now, if we weren't selling the house, I would have probably just left it dead in the mantel or ripped it out and created some nifty bookshelf or something.  But, we can't sell our house effectively with a dead fireplace.

Have you ever priced one out? Well, they ain't cheap.  But I am, and I couldn't justify spending upwards of $3500 to replace it especially since I wasn't even going to be there enjoy it.

So the hunt began for a thriftier option.  On the weekend we managed to find a relatively inexpensive fireplace and they could even install it this week!  We got it for about 1/2 the cost of what we had priced out, but that meant having to make up the savings by doing some things ourselves.  

Don't worry, the fireplace was installed by a certified Gas Technician and all wired up to code and it looks lovely; except it's too small for our mantel.  How'd we get such a great deal? Well, they aren't doing any of the final finishing work.

 We are.

And we're a little under the gun right now as we have an open house this Sunday.  There's been numerous trips to the hardware store and various "I'm gonna lose it!" statements from me and my husband.

The question I ask you know as I'm about to pick up a paint brush at 9 pm and start painting some trim is:

Was it worth it? 

Ask me on Saturday!


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