10 Fun & Frugal Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

It's March 20th and the first day of Spring here at the homestead and I thought what better way to celebrate than with some wholesome & frugal family fun!  Here's a few things we like to do when Spring arrives.  (even though we just got snow overnight)

10 Frugal Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

  1. Sugar Shack! Nothing says Spring like hitting our local Maple Syrup farm for wagon rides, pancakes and fresh syrup.
  2. Tundra Swan Migration - every year the Tundra swans stop over in Aylmer, ON during their migration to the Arctic.  Anywhere between 10-60 thousand magnificent birds land just a 1/2 from us!
  3. Puddle Jumping - Spring wouldn't be here without taking the kids to splash in the puddles!
  4. Flower Spotting - grab the kids and take a tour of your yard or favourite park and see who can spot the most Spring flowers peaking out of the earth.
  5. Hit the Beach - it may be a little cool for a dip, but it's just cool enough to check out the ice and the frozen lakeside.  It makes for some great photos and remember to grab a hot chocolate on the way!
  6. Start Your Garden- you and the kids will have fun sowing seeds to celebrate Spring. Use old egg cartons, yogurt containers and other recyclables for the perfect seed starting equipment. 
  7. Tour the Garden Centre - even if it's still cold and snowy, taking a tour through a greenhouse is a fabulous way to get in the Spring spirit, pick out your garden must haves and keep warm.  Plus, if you're just window shopping it doesn't cost a thing!
  8. Take a Hike - there's nothing quite like taking a hike in the woods in the mud.  Get your boots on and have fun getting dirty.  Look for buds and plants sprouting and if you're lucky you might see some wildlife too! Anyone seen a Robin yet?
  9. Build a Birdhouse - all our feathered friends are one their way home and will be looking for somewhere to nest.  Why not build a couple birdhouses and put them up to celebrate their return?  
  10. Picnic Time - yes, it may still be cool.  But if the sun is shining, why not pack up some warm dishes and hit your favorite park?  Enjoy a bowl of chili while basking in the sun; what a way to warm up!
What's your favorite thing to do when Spring arrives?  I can tell you that I see pancakes in our future!


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  1. Bet it's lovely to see the Swans before they fly off to the Arctic. Great list there thanks for sharing on #ThriftyThursday

  2. Great post! I am so ready for all the pretty flowers to start blooming. We live close to the mountains and will be visiting as soon as they start popping up!


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