Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring Fashion!

OK Mother Nature, we get it!  You REALLY like Winter.  But in all seriousness, it's Spring
and as such I expect warm temperatures, green grass and maybe even a flower or two.
Not snow squalls and highs of -7 degrees.

Are you tired of Winter yet? Here on the homestead, it just won't go.  And I'm really done
with all the ice and snow and cold.  So I figured what better way to bring on the Spring
than to start scoping out some fun new fashions.

Here's my Winter-busting, Boho-Inspired Spring Outfit!

Dreaming of Spring

I am totally in love with the Gold Arrow sandals.  I've never been a Gold person, but as I get
older I seem to be more open to different metallics and colours.

And it wouldn't be Spring without a pop of Daffodil Yellow.  The soft cardigan is perfect for
those crisp mornings and cool evenings and has totally put me in the mood for Spring.

What's your favourite 'Bring on the Spring' colour?  I'm partial to yellow and green to get
me in the spirit!

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