I've Been Nominated...for a Liebster Award!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I'm pretty excited that Jennifer from Mommy Life After Ph.D nominated me for a Liebster Award!  What's that you ask?  Well, it's just a fancy way to get to know fellow bloggers and for you to learn a little more about me.  Either way, I'll take any awards coming my way!

 Liebster Award

So Jennifer at Mommy Life After Ph.D. has compiled a list of 11 newish bloggers and a list of 11 questions for us to answer.  Here's the rest of the rules for this extra special award:

  • Thank and link back to the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer their 11 questions in your post
  • Pick 11 blogs with less than 200 followers on Bloglovin' to nominate
  • Think of 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer
  • Tag your nominees and comment on one of their posts to let them know!

So here's my answer's to Jennifer's questions:

1. Why did you start blogging (in a sentence)? I was tired of talking to people who weren't interested in what I had to say, so I thought maybe I could find people who wanted to listen to me online.
2. What is your favourite blog to read? She Let Them Eat Cake is one of my faves. And high up on the list is a blog an old friend wrote before she passed away Que Sarah, Sarah.  (p.s. have a box of Kleenex handy)

3. What is your favourite vacation spot? Cuba and Northern Ontario. Both are very different but love them just the same.

4. When is the last time you laughed until you cried and why? Oh man, my brain is so bad.  It was recently and at something my 4 year old had said that was ridiculously inappropriate.  But I can't remember what it was for the life of me!

5. Who was your favourite school teacher and why? Mr. Kinczyk from my Grade 12 Writer's Craft class.  He did his own thing and wasn't afraid to go against the grain. I wrote some of my best pieces because of his mentoring and encouragement.

6. How did you meet your significant other? My husband and I met online through Lava Life.  Seriously! Ten years and 2 kids later and we're still going strong.

7. Have you ever been to Europe? Yes. Well, Portugal and it was unbelievable!

8. What is the best gift you've ever received? As a kid, I think it was my Cabbage Patch Kid - Betty Edna.  As an adult, I know this is a bit corny, but the best gift I've ever received has been my kids.

9. What is the best gift you've ever given? I'm not much for material things theses days, but I think the best gift I've given has been donating blood.

10. What is your favourite TV show? It was Arrested Development. 

11. Which do you prefer, summer or fall?  Fall; much easier to dress for.

Ok, enough about me.  Now it's time for my nominees! And time to learn a little more about them.  I hope you stop by and check out their answers.  My nominees are:

Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies
Confessions of a Secret Crafter
The Earth Friendly Family
Daftly Domestic
Where's MY Pacifier?  
Tips and Treasures
Organic 4 Green Livings  
Kenarry - Ideas for the Home
Mommy Dreaming
Pastries, Pumps and Pi
Cats on the Homestead

And now for those burning questions!  Here we go:

1.  What is your favourite book and why?
2.  What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?
3.  What was the best meal you ever had? 
4.  What is the one thing you like most about yourself?
5.  Who is the one celebrity you would most like to meet?
6.  What is the one thing you know now that you wish you had known when you were 20?
7.  What's your Zodiac sign and do you share its traits?
8.  Are you a stay up late or get up early person?
9.  If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?
10.  If you could travel back in time, would you? And if yes, when would you go?
11.  What is your absolutely favourite thing to do on the weekend? 

Phew! That was harder than I thought.  Can't wait to check out everyones answers!  


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  1. Congrats on the award, Jen! I'm happy I found your blog-I really like it! I was nominated recently by another blogger recently. I love connecting with all of you wonderful ladies!

    I enjoyed reading more about you and am looking forward to checking out the other nominees!

  2. Thanks again for nominating me - My post, including response to your question list, is up! :)

  3. Jen, such a great post! And who would believe, we are heading to Portugal for our 10 yr anniversary this spring. I can't wait. Thanks for responding!!

  4. Thanks! That's too funny about Portugal! Have you been there before? My friend and I just picked a spot on the globe and bought 2 plane tickets. We landed in Lisbon and went to the mountains in the North and all the way down to the Algarve. So amazing!

  5. Wow thank you. I've only just seen this, have no idea how I missed it! I'll get right on it :-)


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