Our Fireplace Makeover

You may remember from my Fireplace Debacle post that we were knee deep in renovations just days before our Open House.

Well, after a few designs and four letter words later, we officially had a finished fireplace.

Our initial design was budget friendly and nice and simple.  Unfortunately, once we were done and had just completed the finishing touches, we realized there was a fatal flaw in our design.

We had installed some simple painted wood trim around our new gas insert but soon realized that may have not been the best idea.  My husband then decided to pull out the manual and check the specifications on our new fireplace.  We didn't have the required non-combustible clearance around the new unit!

@#$#@$*%! and double #$%)@#!!!

Now what!

Well, after having the first Open House with a rather warm fireplace, we started with plan B.  Or maybe it was C or D.  I don't know....we kind of lost track.  Our next option was tile.  But neither of us knew anything about tile and had never done it.

So my husband quickly came up with a plan and grabbed some leftover tile from a neighbour and was determined to 'GET ER DONE'!  We ripped down our old design that we had meticulously installed and began with what I hoped would be the final solution. After measuring and cutting a few tiles and getting the first ones on the wall, my husband thought it might be good to have our neighbour take a peak and make sure he was on the right track. (at least our neighbour has some tile experience)

When our neighbour Toby stopped over, his first words were "Can that still come off the wall?"  His polite way of saying: STEP AWAY FROM THE TILE!

What happened next was a 3 night marathon of Mike and Toby installing some lovely marble tile on the mantle.  First there was the installing and measuring.  The second night was like a giant puzzle; measuring and cutting dozens of small pieces to fill the gaps.  And the third night was grout.

And when I awoke Saturday morning, we had a fireplace!  A gorgeous, updated and SAFE fireplace that was sure to impress potential buyers.  Hallelujah!

I'll be happy if I don't hear the word fireplace for a long time.  Have you ever had a home renovation that didn't go exactly as you hoped?
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