Saturday Night Reads

Are you someone who reads a book cover to cover in one sitting? Or do you read a bit each night? Perhaps you like to have multiple books on the go?  I thought today would be a great day to share what's on my night stand.

I'm a little distracted when it comes to reading these days.  Before I had kids I could easily polish off a nail-biting novel in a few short hours.  But nowadays, I rarely have a few minutes to read, except before crashing into bed.  And unfortunately, I'm usually too tired to make it through a few pages, let alone a few chapters.  So I've gotten into the habit of reading multiple titles at the same time; rotating through them depending on my mood and level of exhaustion.

Here's what I have on the go currently:

Now it's sharing time!  What's on your night stand? Have you read any of my current picks? Or have you got some suggestions for great reads?  Please share your favourite titles and I'll add them to my list!

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