The Soother Intervention

As I sat at the top of the stairs at midnight last night staring out the window at the street lights and listening to my child screaming at the top of her lungs, I began to wonder if I had made the right decision when we had her soother intervention.

I bumped into a friend last week and we were discussing our children's soother habits.  She told me that a friend had suggested she cut the tops off her soothers.  The child then cannot effectively suckle on that rubber teat and becomes frustrated with the whole idea, hence ending the soother dependency.  So I thought, hey, if she can do it, so can I.  Out came the scissors and with one tiny snip - off with it's head! (or nip rather)

And then came nap time. Wow. I've never seen Alice so angry.  She took one suck and handed me her suckie with scorn. And then proceeded to scream at me whenever I suggested she try her 'broken' soother.  Of course my husband chimes in that I cut too much off and it was a ridiculous idea.  This from the man who insisted that Stella 'NEEDED' her soother at the same age.  Anyway, a few failed nap attempts later, I gave up and just kept her up.  I got nothing done on my Sunday afternoon, but I hoped that by the time supper was done that she'd be too exhausted to fight about the soother.

The bedtime routine was pretty much as it had been the past few weeks.  Alice would cry and want milk and a cuddle and I would be in and out of her room a half dozen times before she settled.  Last night was really no different except for the volume.  Her crying was off the charts; a combination of exhaustion and soother withdrawal no doubt.

She only got up 3 times last night.  Which really has been the norm recently; the combination of teething and colds. Again, the volume and vigour of her cries definitely was amplified.

So I'm going to say that so far we are on the road to recovery for my little soother addict. Yes, my methods may be considered harsh and yes, my timing may have been off (full moon & teething) but it's got to happen sometime.  And the sooner the better.  I don't want her starting school with her suckie in her mouth.

Wish me luck on night two!  It can only get better....right?!
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