6 #Green & #Thrifty Ways to Pack

So I've managed to crawl out from beneath stacks of boxes and piles of newspaper for a few moments of screen time.  We are in full on pack mode and with just 3 weeks until we get our new house I can honestly say things have been more than a little frantic around here.  I have found myself becoming increasingly creative with packing.  I refuse to purchase packing materials and I thought I would share a few of my greener and thriftier packing ideas.
6 Green & Thrifty Ways to Pack
  1. Drink More Wine - yes, those boxes that hold 12 wine bottles are perfect for packing. And you can even get them without wine! Our local LCBO gets overrun with boxes on Tuesday's and Thursday's so stopping by on a delivery days means I can fill my car with lots of these great boxes. They are strong and sturdy and the perfect size.  They are great for packing heavier items; you can fill them with books, DVDs or canned goods and you'll still be able to lift them.  
  2. Flyers, Flyers Everywhere - if you're like us, you receive a ridiculous stack of weekly flyers in the mailbox.  But don't pitch them into the recycling box. Instead, use them as free packaging material.  They are great for wrapping breakables and filling up space between items.  
  3. Let the Luggage do the Work - we have our luggage set stored in my daughter's closet.  It's like those Russian nesting dolls.  Each suitcase filled with smaller and smaller bags. Don't just toss those on the moving truck; they are perfect for packing your clothes.  Forget bags and boxes, simply use your luggage for your permanent holiday!
  4. Tote It - we all have those big plastic totes for storing various items.  Better yet, so do our friends and family.  So why not borrow the ones that inevitably end up empty in their basement and use them to tote your stuffs?  Best thing is it won't cost you a thing and you won't create any garbage.  Most people have a couple that they aren't using, but they don't want to get rid of either.  Just tag them with some tape and return them to their owners when your move is over.  Plus, your friends will feel great knowing they 'helped' you move!
  5. One Man's Trash - I've discovered a wonderful source of free packaging materials...my office's garbage.  Yup.  We get a few deliveries each week that arrive in super strong cardboard boxes and since we deal with a lot of supplements, most of the items come wrapped in bubble wrap or surrounded by popcorn.  We kept the odd box for shipping, but recycle the rest...until now! So hit up your office or your friends office's and offer to take any of their boxes and packaging materials off their hands.  The stuff is great quality and fantastic for packing breakables.
  6. Stick a Sock in It - or a towel.  Forget packing all your linens and textiles...use them to wrap your delicate items and dishes.  It's all about multi-tasking and what's the point of having a box or bag full of towels when you can put them in between plates and glasses.  It'll mean less boxes and less garbage too.
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