Dining Room Design

So we're less than a month until we get our new home!  And I couldn't be happier and more
panic stricken.  There's nothing like dreaming up new designs for our new space to take your
mind off your never ending to do list!

And one of the features of our new house is an actual dining room.  I've been on the hunt
for a dining room table and chairs that will suit our needs and be little quirky.  I really want something antique or repurposed and a half dozen unique chairs.  Luckily Garage Sale
season is almost here so I might be able to score some sweet finds!

I really want a feature wall in our new dining room and I'm thinking wallpaper might be the
easiest way to go.  With it's endless, colours and patterns I know I'll find something that will
make the room pop!
Dining Room Design

I absolute adore the rustic dining room table with it's repurposed iron parts.  Pairing different
styles of chairs really brings a warm and romantic feeling to the space.  Using a rug and
colourful lighting is an easy way to add a little zest without breaking the bank and can easily
be switched down the road when something else grabs my eye.

So what's your dining room style like? Formal and traditional, casual and cozy?


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Nlxl wallpaper
$335 - design55online.co.uk

Vous Etes black chair

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