House Hunting Update

Yes, I've been MIA lately.  So please accept my apologies.  We sold our house and have been on an endless search for a new place we can call home.  We've looked at condos and townhouses, country properties and suburban houses, but nothing took our fancy.  Thankfully our Realtor has been very patient and understanding and has guided us through all our indecisions and flip flopping.

On the bright side, we saw a great property on the weekend and we've put in an offer!  I'm not going to spill the beans on where just yet, as it won't be official until tonight! But I can tell you that I will be growing my own vegetables this year and the house behind us has chickens!  Yay!

Anyways, the next few weeks are going to be more than a little crazy.  We have to be out of our place by May 22 and I haven't packed a thing yet.  And once our offer is accepted I'll need to start the mind-blowing task of booking movers and changing addresses and changing schools and everything thing else that comes with moving.  Ahhhh!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and you'll likely see some rants about packing or moving or packing and moving with kids and dogs.  So consider yourself warned!  :)

Wish me luck!
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