4 Easy Ways to #Save More on Your #Moving Costs

T- minus 8 days until will get our new place!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  Boxes are everywhere and our house has been turned into an obstacle course.  But it will soon be over.

I don't think I realized how expensive it is to move until this time around.  Now that I'm older (just a bit) there's a bigger desire to want to pay someone to do all the unpleasant work for me.  Time and energy are at a premium for me and sometimes it just seems easier to have someone else do it. But at the same time, I don't want to spend all my money. In the past couple weeks, we managed to find a few well-priced companies to do the work for us.  But in the process, I discovered there's a wide price range for services and budgets can easily go out the window when you're down to the wire.  So here's a few tips I discovered along the way to help save some moola while moving!

4 Easy Ways to Save More on Your Moving Costs
  1. Get Multiple Quotes - yes it can be more work and time, but getting even just a couple quotes will help to determine the going rate for services.  Plus, you can usually leverage one quote against another to get the best deal. And if companies know there's a little friendly competition they're likely to give your they're best price from the start.
  2. Ask for Referrals - check with friends and family if they've recently used a company and if they were satisfied.  Not only will you know if they did a good job, but you may even get a deal out of it for telling them your friend referred you.  I asked my boss if he could recommend a good carpet place and his neighbour happened to work for one.  We ended up getting excellent service and saved over $1700 on our carpet compared to the other quotes.  A little name dropping never hurts! 
  3. Do a Bit of the Work - another easy way to save some cash is to see if you can do a bit of the job yourself.  We are having some painting done and instead of the painters buying the paint, we were able to save a couple hundred dollars by supplying our own.  The best part is our favourite brand of paint was on sale over the weekend so we were able to score it for a great deal and end up saving even more on the job.
  4. Try the Smaller Guy - sometimes bigger isn't always better.  In our latest moving adventure I've learned that it pays to check out both the big and little guys.  Sometimes you can get a volume discount with a bigger guy, but you might be able to negotiate a much better deal with a smaller business.  So don't discount the little mom & pop shop, you might be surprised with their personal service and prices.  Plus, you'll be spending your hard earned cash into your local economy instead of sending it to some giant multi-national corporation.
Have you scored a great deal on a service?  How did you do it?

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  1. This sounds all to familiar! We opted to use a company to move us in the end, we just couldn't cope with the hassle of trying to do it ourselves again. I had loads of companies come out and give us quotes before we got the best deal from a local company. It definitley pays to do your homework first. Thanks for sharing with #ThriftyThursday and I hope your move all goes smoothly :-)

  2. Moved ourselves so far, but last move was 17 years ago. Great advice. Good luck with the move. #ThriftyThursday


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