First Week in the New House

Well, it's officially been 1 week since we moved.   Let's see, where to start....

We still have no Internet, but I'm kind of OK with that...for now.  It's amazing how productive you can be with out electronic distractions.

There's still a ridiculous amount of unpacking to be done, but I'm not stressing about it.  I think I will actually purge a lot as I'm realizing that there's a bunch of stuff I can live without.  And the whole packing/moving process has actually gotten through to my husband and I might just be able to coax him into getting rid of some things too!

Our new neighbourhood is amazing.  Next door we have a fabulous lady and her elderly mother.  These women are absolutely lovely and I know I'm going to learn lots from them. Maria is an older lady from Portugal and she doesn't speak a word of English, but man is she amazing.  She and her daughter grow all their own food and Maria will not eat anything that is commercially produced, including meat and bread! That's one sustainable & organic lady!  She makes everything herself or gets it from small, natural producers. They have chickens and rabbits and the most amazing garden plot in their back yard.  I can't wait to see what they're growing.  Bella (the daughter) has brought us some gorgeous blue eggs from their chickens and on Monday she dug up a 4ft Cherry tree for our garden.  I can't tell you how excited I am.

I think this move was EXACTLY what our family was meant to do.  Moving from a City of 367000 people to a Town with a population of about 2500 is definitely going to be an adjustment, but so far it hasn't been that bad.

It is true what they say about small towns...the people here are extremely welcoming and helpful.  Our neighbour on the other side has offered more than once to help us move any heavy stuff.

Who ever wants to move heavy stuff?!

That's it for now. But I should be back up and running online next week; for now I'm going to enjoy our new scenery and get some unpacking done.

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