Moving Limbo

In case you were wondering....yes, I'm still here; just in moving mode. We got the keys to our new house last Friday and have been busy moving our belongings over and doing some renovations.  We are doing the big official move this Saturday.  I think after the 2 loads I brought over today we are almost even with the amount of stuff in each house. We're in moving limbo with half our things in each home and kind of buzzing from one house to the next like hummingbirds.

I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.  Just a few more days and it will be all over.

I never liked moving to begin with, but trying to do it with 2 kids and 2 dogs is an entirely different kind of beast.  Working around school and nap times and meals; who knew that the kids had to eat regularly?! You could say we've been doing a delicate balancing act of trying to maintain some structure to our family's lives but also tyring to get this friggin' move done!

So yes, I'm here. Tired, hungry, over-worked, under-paid and hoping I don't see another cardboard box for a very long time.  That's my rant for now and maybe even my last post from this house.(maybe)  But time to pack a few more boxes before the baby wakes up.  Hope she doesn't notice I packed almost all her toys!


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