New House - Day 4

Howdy! Well we're on Day 4 in the new house and we're still without Internet.  But I think that's about the biggest of our worries. The new homestead is fabulous!  We've met tons of great neighbours and are loving the small town vibe.  Yes, there are still boxes piled to the ceiling, but we've got beds and clothes and food and are having a blast on our country-sized property. 

I've only got a second, but I will share a couple of my favourite things so far:

First - the distant sound of train whistles coupled with crowing roosters makes me very happy.

Second - it's true what they say about small towns.  Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming and on the first day here we were invited to the neighbourhood fireworks display!

Third -  I can't believe how much fun the kids and dogs (and myself) are having in our yard.  We've had a blast trimming bushes and planting veggies and racing around the backyard laughing & giggling and just having some good wholesome fun.  It's amazing what no T.V. and no Internet can do for your spirit!

Well, that's it for now.  Hopefully, I will be back online soon.  Until then, you can find me buried beneath boxes or playing in the dirt.

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