Two Weeks In & Still Moving

Please accept my apologies as the last few weeks have been a blur to say the least.  We've now been in the house for 2 weeks and have barely unpacked a thing.  We finally got our Internet connected after 10 days and now it seems as though we signed up for the extremely moody & temperamental high-speed connection.  To say my Internet connection is flaky would be an understatement.  But in these few fleeting moments of connectivity I'd thought I would reach out and let you know that we're still here, still well and adjusting nicely to our new small town life.

Between working and taking care of 2 rug rats, trying to unpack and maintain a functioning household while my husband is gone for 13+ hours a day has left me exhausted and to be honest, burnt out. I did still manage to recover my dining room chairs and refinish my sideboard this past week (there's always time for a little DIY distraction), but I'm still pooped. And yes...I will be posting my furniture makeovers in the near future...hopefully.

This weekend we have decided to dig our heels in and get some work done around here.  Today we spent outside; taking care of our fabulous & completely overgrown and somewhat neglected yard.  There was trimming and cutting and digging and planting and lots of dirty work.  But I'm happy to report that the yard is looking much more beautiful and loved.  I even managed to get some vegetables planted thanks to my wonderful neighbour who keeps showering us with gifts of flora.  Today she gave me 6 pepper plants, 6 hot pepper plants (the hottest Portuguese peppers apparently) and 4 leafy lettuce plants. Sweet!

Tomorrow will be unpacking day.  We have a 2 car garage that is essentially a giant storage unit at this point.  On moving day, just about everything was dropped into the garage.  There's a small network of paths between the boxes and furniture to allow us to get in and out, but other than that it looks like we should be on an episode of Hoarders.  There will be lots of lifting and toting and hopefully some purging too.  Of course you can't forget the cursing that I'm sure will arise after hours of being stuck in a garage debating the usefulness of just about everything we own.

What's more fun than a toddler with a hose?!
Anyway, that's how my weekends looking.  Whatever you're up to I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  And remember to take a little time out for yourself; you can't have all work and no play.  We managed to find a few moments to enjoy in our new home amidst all the clutter and unfinished work.

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