Why I Glutened Myself on Purpose

So last night as we were playing with the kids in the backyard, our neighbour Maria called me over to the fence.  You may remember from my previous posts about me gushing about our new neighbours Maria & Bella; a Portuguese mother & daughter team who have the most magnificent vegetable garden I have ever seen.  Maria is an old-school Portuguese lady who doesn't speak English and only eats what she grows; hence the giant garden, chickens & rabbits.

When Maria called me over to the fence she handed me a little  round bundle wrapped up in a tea towel.  It was soft and warm and smelled like heaven. She had just finished baking some Portuguese bread from scratch and brought us a loaf. I was flabbergasted!

There was no way I could turn down this fresh baked loaf of bread.  Aside from the language barrier, I'm not sure she would understand why we don't eat wheat.  But it didn't matter, from the moment that luscious loaf was laid in my hands I knew I would eat it.  Gluten be DAMNED!  Time to take one for the team.

Now, I've been gluten-free for just about 2 years.  Yes, I've had the odd accidental glutening and have even cheated here and there.  But this loaf would be a full on abandonment of my wheat-free lifestyle...and I didn't care! Forget the digestive problems and gross phelgmy, clogged throat and nose...I was going to eat this bread no matter what.

My husband and I sat down at the kitchen table and carefully unwrapped this tantalizing treat.  I carefully cut the loaf in half and sliced 2 generous pieces from this still warm centre.

The first bite was au natural...nothing but bread and my mouth.  Wow! It was utterly mind-blowing.  Warm, soft & chewy with that thick crispy Portuguese crust; I think I had an out-of-body experience.  Just for fun, our second slice would be buttered with that full-fat dairy goodness that I no longer can eat. You know, if I'm gonna go gluten, I'm gonna go all out!
Again...heaven!  After we finished half of the loaf, my husband and I had to step away from the table.  We were on the verge of devouring the whole thing, right there, in just a few minutes.

I guess that's the story of why I glutened myself on purpose.  How could I turn down this homemade loaf made from all natural, organic and sustainable ingredients for this lovely lady?  I will suffer in silence with my decision.  Judge me if you want, but I know that I made the right one for me. 


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