5 Rules for Camping With Kids

Sorry I disappeared for a few days, we just returned from our very first camping trip with the kids and dogs.  And yes, we're all still alive. I haven't camped in about 5 years and this was our first time sleeping under the stars with the kiddos. So I thought I might share with you some important lessons I learned this past weekend.

5 Rules for Camping With Kids

  1. The 1st Rule of Camping with Kids....there are no rules! Forget everything you think you knew about camping.  When you add your little munchkins to the mix everything changes!
  2. Embrace the Dirt- yes, I'm sure we all know this, but camping is dirty.  And adding kids only multiplies the mud-effect.  So don't fight the filth; you will lose your mind and besides, dirt is good for kids, right?
  3. Forget Schedules - it's like a whole other world at the campground. Ditch the watch and timelines and sit back and enjoy the ride.  Bedtimes get extended and meals happen when ever and that's OK.
  4. Keep it Simple - don't pack the whole house and every toy. Nature makes for a fabulous playground and letting kids just be kids and enjoy the outdoors is a great way to let them appreciate and love their world.
  5. Take Care of Yourself - guarding the little ones from open fires, poisonous plants and vicious wildlife is necessary and exhausting.  But remember to take care of yourself!  The only injuries sustained on our trip were 2 first degree burns on us grown ups.  We will not discuss the exploding coffee pot any further.

There you you have it.  Keep these 5 simple rules in mind when camping with the family and you're bound to have a little fun and some great memories and you might even want to try it again!


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