Am I Raising a Wild Child or Confident Kid?

As first glance you may think I'm an awful mom with crazy kids who should head back to high school for more parenting classes.  And trust me, there are days where I completely feel the same.  But upon closer inspection I discovered that my Wild Child may not be wild at all.  In fact, she might just be a super awesome, well-adjusted, confident kid.

Let me explain...

At 4.5 yrs old, Stella is a force to be reckoned with.  Tall and lean and full of smiles and questions she is strong, intelligent and hilarious.  But she doesn't fit that image of that perfect little kid.  We all know someone with that lovely doll of a child....quiet, spotless, well-dressed with perfect pig-tails.  Well, this ain't my kid.  And I've come to realize, I'm OK with that.

Her hair usually looks like a birds nest and she's insistent she likes it that way.  We're lucky to get a chance to brush it, let alone put it in a pony tail.  She has no care for fashion or the latest trends and insists on dressing herself in her own eclectic style.  A stained shirt with patterned leggings and fluorescent socks and a Christmas sweater make her look complete.  And it's perfect.  I see other parents staring at us, wondering how I could let my daughter leave the house like that, but I love that she is so completely comfortable in her own skin that she couldn't care less about what others think.  It breaks my heart hearing some of her friends the same age gossipping about her wardrobe while they wear their coordinating outfits.

Aside from being able to rock any look that's thrown at her, Stella possesses this amazing self-confidence that I'm completely jealous of.  She has no fear of what others think and never feels embarrassed or self-conscious.

Case in point....Stella is in Dance Camp this week and her instructor shared a great story about Stella's Improv skills.  They had turned on some dance music and were encouraged to do some Improv and dance however they wanted to the music.  "You know how they say 'Dance like no one is watching?' well Stella did and it was AMAZING. The other girls danced but were a bit hesitant or felt a bit embarrassed." her instructor said.   But Stella was completely wrapped up in the musice and danced her ass off, no matter how it looked and who was watching...she didn't care and enjoyed every beat.

Wild child or confident kid?

Well, I think us as adults could take a few pointers from Miss Stella.  Who cares if you aren't wearing make up or if your hair isn't perfect or if you don't have the latest fashions? Self-confidence develops early on and comes from the inside.  We should stop trying to make our kids into these perfect little dolls and just let them be kids.  The more we try to mould them into these little adults, the more we take away their innate confidence; loud, dirty, crazy and completely happy with who they are.  I don't want Stella to lose that carefree love of being herself as she gets older.  So yes, she might look like a clown some days or a weirdo running in circles singing at the top of her lungs, but she's more than just a wild child...she's pure self-confidence and my inspiration!

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